1/16 inch Riveting and Piercing System Q and A

1. 1/16 inch Riveting and Piercing System Table

Suggested Rivet Length
No. of Stacked 22 Gauge Thick Pieces to be Riveted
Ideal Total Thickness (in)
Ideal Total Thickness (mm)
1/16" (1.59mm) 1 .025-.036 .632-.914
3/32"(2.38mm) 2 .505-.060 1.27-1.52
1/8"(3.18mm) 3 .075-.082 1.91-2.08
5/32"(3.97mm) 4 .100-.108 2.54-2.74

2. How can I avoid making marks on metal blanks while punching holes?

Place a Pro Polish Pad between the tool base and the bottom of the metal blank.

3. How can I prevent the upper blank from spinning while using the riveting tool?

You may want to tape the blank into place, which will prevent it from spinning.

4. My blank gets stuck on the piercing pin after I punch a hole. How do I release it?

To avoid marring the hole you just punched, continue turning the T-handle even if the blank comes in contact with the top of the tool holder. This will force the blank to drop off and ensure that the scrap slug will be ejected from the base.

5. What do I do if my rivet falls out before I can get it onto the base of the tool?

You may find it helpful to place an index card or other heavy paper against the rivet head to keep it from falling out of the hole until you can get it into the riveting tool.

6. What is the maximum gauge of metal I can use with the tool?

This tool will pierce metal up to 12 gauge in thickness. Do not use this tool to pierce steel thicker than 22 gauge (.025"), which may damage the tool.

7. Can I use other rivets with the tool?

This tool works only with the semi-tubular rivets specifically made for it. It will not work with wire rivets or silver rivet tubes.

8. What is the difference between a rivet and an eyelet?

Semi-tubular rivets have a solid head and a tubular end that is set by a flaring method to create a secure, clean, and consistent connection. Eyelets have an open head and a tubular end that is set by a flaring to create a clean connection.

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