30 Day Challenge For Craft Month - March 2012

You're Invited!

In celebration of National Craft Month, FusionBeads.com is hosting a 30-day Bead Challenge for the month of March to anyone who wants to participate! Give your beading skills a workout by challenging yourself to as many of our daily beading activities as you can! It's a fun and creative way to grow as a beader and get more involved with our beading community, as you are welcome to share your creations on our Facebook wall! You can also write about the challenges on your blog and share a link to it on our Facebook wall! Download a PDF calendar of the challenges here and hang it on your wall at home!

Day 1 - Make Earrings

We’re starting this month of challenges off easy by making a pair of earrings! This is a great time to feature your favorite pair of beads or to choose a fun set of charms. And the design can be as simple as you want today!

Day 2 - Use Up Some Bead Leftovers

Every beader has random beads floating around that are left over from previous beading projects. Today is the time to fish out some of these beads and use them! You can make whatever you want - earrings, a bracelet, a keychain - the sky's the limit! All you have to do is use a few leftover beads! For some extra inspiration, check out our bead leftovers blog post!

Day 3 - Learn a New Beading Technique

Is there a beading technique that you've been wanting to try? Do it today! If it's a busy day for you, pick a quick, easy technique. If you have some time to devote, learn a tough one that you've been really hoping to try. You'll be glad you did! See our Beading Techniques to find free step-by-step instructions with photos for over 100 techniques!

Day 4 - Organize Your Bead Area

Don't worry, you don't have to clean your whole beading workstation today! Just pick a drawer to organize, or clean off that bead board that you've overfilled with leftovers from old projects. You can arrange your seed beads by color and size, or you can get your tools in order! Whether you organize a small area or you overhaul the whole room, you'll feel a lot more inspired to do beading afterward!

Day 5 - Incorporate Chain Into a Jewelry Design

This one is pretty easy - make a piece of jewelry using chain. You can drape the chain and make it the focus of your design, or you can use it functionally to attach beads to. Chain is such an important facet of jewelry-making, so you need to use it today! See all of our chain here!

Day 6 - Create Your Own Color Palette

Mixing colors is one of the most fun and exciting ways to make your style stand out! Today, choose 3 or more colors that you think make a beautiful palette for jewelry. If you have time, use those colors to create a unique piece of jewelry! If you need some help, you can always check out our Color Ideas for inspiration!

Day 7 - Use a Different Metal in Your Jewelry

Some people are sterling silver purists and some people swear by antique brass - today, you are all challenged to get outside of your box and use a metal that you normally don't work with! Try silver, gold, brass, copper or gunmetal! You'll be surprised, you might just love it!

Day 8 - Have a Date With a Bead Friend

It's always fun to spend time with people who share the same interests as you, so make a date with a friend who shares your love of beading! If you both have jewelry projects to work on, bring them with you and bead while you chat! You might need to plan ahead for this one, so call your bead friend as soon as you read this!

Day 9 - Embellish Something With Beads

It's so easy to just incorporate beads into jewelry designs, so try to add beads to something that isn't jewelry today! Embellish a shirt, a lamp shade, a purse, or anything else with beads. You don't have to know how to bead weave for this challenge - just think outside the box and add beads in any way you want to!

Day 10 - Use a Found Object in a Jewelry Design

Make jewelry with something that you can't find in a bead store. Go outside and find something in nature! Dig a treasure out of your closet or garage! Head over to the thrift store and find a trinket! You'll be amazed at how inspiring a non-jewelry item can be for your designs!

Day 11 - Make a Beaded Gift

Your jewelry is surely the envy of your friends and family. Show someone that you appreciate them with a handmade design, but don't forget you have to deliver it to them too!

Day 12 - Repair a Broken Piece of Jewelry

This challenge doesn't even need to be explained - you know that you have some broken jewelry that you've been neglecting for months, or even years! Today, you need to fix it! You can just repair one design, but the more things you fix, the better!

Day 13 - Make an Inspiration Board

Designers have been making pinboards with images that inspire them for ages! Today, look for inspiration and make your own board that will encourage your jewelry-making creativity. You can clip images from magazines, print images from your computer, make your own drawings, or even use www.pinterest.com to build one online! Check out our Pinterest to see how we've been inspired!

Day 14 - Take Apart Unwanted Jewelry and Reuse the Beads

We've all done it - made a piece of jewelry and immediately decide that we hate it. Then the jewelry gets thrown into a drawer and ignored forever. Don't let those beads go to waste! Today, your challenge is to take apart a design that you've always disliked and reuse the beads for a new piece of jewelry!

Day 15 - Make a Multi-Strand Necklace

We all drool over gorgeous multi-strand necklaces at some point in our lives. Today, give in and make yourself a special multi-strand necklace! It's okay if you have to use a whole strand of beads or a lot of chain! Everyone needs at least one beautiful statement necklace. Check out our multi-strand necklace Inspiration to get started!

Day 16 - Make Something Green (for St. Patrick's Day!)

In honor of St. Patrick's Day (March 17th), make a piece of green jewelry! It can have clovers and a pot o' gold on it if you'd like, but the only thing that is essential is for you to use green as your focal color! You don't want to get pinched today, after all!

Day 17 - Use a "Problem" Bead

Do you have a bead that's giving you a creative block? Maybe it's a unique shape that you have struggled to design with, or maybe it's just such a special bead that you're afraid to even mess with it. You can use that problem bead, and now's the time! Give it a shot today!

Day 18 - Finish an Unfinished Beading Project!

Have you ever started making a piece of jewelry and never finished it? If you said no, you must be lying, because every beader has at least one, two, or twenty unfinished projects! Grab a piece that you never got around to finishing and just do it!

Day 19 - Make a Ring

Rings are huge in fashion right now, so make one today! A lot of jewelry designers stick to earrings, bracelets and necklaces, so you are all challenged to give rings a shot today! See our Ring Inspiration and our Wire Wrapped Ring Technique if you need help getting started!

Day 20 - Make a Piece of Jewelry Inspired by Spring

Today is the first day of Spring! To honor the season of renewal and growth, create a lovely piece of Spring jewelry! You can use flowers, pastel colors, or anything else that evokes the fresh feeling of Spring!

Day 21 - Use Mixed Metals in a Jewelry Design

Mixing metals is a fun way to add texture and attitude to your jewelry. Today, try mixing two or more metals into a piece of jewelry! For a class look, mix gold and silver, and for a bold, edgy look, try mixing gunmetal with silver and gold!

Day 22 - Teach Someone a Beading Technique

Give away a little bit of your beading knowledge today! Teach a friend or family member a beading technique! It's great to start with wire wrapping or stringing, and you can even teach a child how to string if you'd like! Who knows, maybe you can help get someone started on the beading bandwagon early!

Day 23 - Learn to Make a Handmade Finding

Handmade ear wires, clasps and head pins give jewelry personality and style, and they can actually save you money as well! Check out our Handmade Findings Techniques and our Handmade Findings Inspiration page for ideas!

Day 24 - Incorporate a Textile into a Jewelry Design

Get outside of your comfort zone of designing with beads, thread and wire, and try using a textile in a piece of jewelry today! You can use fabric, ribbon, yarn, lace or any other textile that you're inspired by!

Day 25 - Learn a New Bead Weaving Stitch

If you've never done bead weaving before, try a beginner stitch today, such as Peyote Stitch or Right Angle Weave! If you're an advanced bead weaver, challenge yourself with a tough new stitch. If you need ideas of what to learn, you'll find plenty of bead weaving techniques on our Beading Techniques page!

Day 26 - Clean Your Jewelry

Take a peek into your jewelry box today and take out the jewelry that is getting dull and dirty! Use a polishing cloth or tumbler to clean your sterling silver jewelry so that it shines like it's new again! Post a before and after picture on our Facebook so we can see the transformation!

Day 27 - Make a Hair Accessory

Use your beading skills to make a hair accessory today! You can make a headband or barrette, or you can even embellish a bobby pin or hair clip! Use beads, ribbon, chain, or any other beading material that would look dazzling in your hair! See our Hair Accessory Inspiration page for ideas!

Day 28 - Make a Piece Inspired By An Animal

Are you sweet and pretty like a bird? Maybe you're independent and dominant like a tiger! Make a piece of jewelry inspired by your favorite animal - you can use feathers or animal prints for a literal approach, or you can incorporate the personality of your favorite animal into your style!

Day 29 - Make a Piece of Jewelry For Your Next Night Out

Do you have a wedding or social event coming up soon? Maybe you're looking forward to a date night with your hubby! Whatever the occasion, make a piece (or set) of jewelry that you can wear to your next night out! You deserve to look special!

Day 30 - Make Something Using Cord or Ribbon

You know you've seen amazing jewelry made with cord or ribbon, but have you tried using it yourself? Cord or ribbon can add texture and dimensional to your jewelry, and there are so many ways to use them in your designs! Check out our Beading Techniques to discover how you can design with cord!

Day 31 - Congratulations!

You did it! If you've made it to Day 31, you've completed the 30 Day Challenge and you deserve a nice day of rest! Take a bath, read a book, do some yoga or cook yourself a nice meal! Better yet, put on some of your new jewelry and take yourself out for a night on the town!

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