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Sale! 5 inch Wolf 3-Grooved Groovy Looping Pliers

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SKU: TL2261

Length: 5 inches

Width: 2 inches

Sold By: 1 piece

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Finally, a good wrapped loop

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In twenty-some years of jewelry crafting I've done very little wire work. In fact, I've avoided it like the plague! I've never made loops that I felt were good enough to be part of the work I do.

So I got a pair of the three-groove Wolf pliers and started practicing. With very little practice I was finally making picture ready wrapped loops, and I'm ridiculously happy about it. I could do any kind of seed bead work or stringing, so why couldn't I conquer simple wire techniques? I guess it's a lesson: if something doesn't work look at the tools you use and see if there isn't something better. For me that something better is the Wolf pliers.

The Best looping pliers ever!


I teach wire working classes. One of the things instrumental in making loops of consistent size is either marking your plier (which works until the mark wears off), or using this fantastic looping plier! I've converted many a student to using these pliers. The best thing since sliced bread.



My go to pliers. I can teach anyone to loop with these. I need to order the new ones as well. I'll bet they are every bit as handy as these.

5 inch Wolf 3 Groovy Looping Pliers


I bought these a couple of months ago. They are great. They save you time and money because the loops come out in a consistent size. These are a must have for your jewelry design. I give this a 5 star rating.

% inch Wolf 3-Grooved Groovy Looping Pliers


These pliers are a must for making loops. I have had mine several years and my absolute favorite and a must have.. Gave up on marking pliers. I highly recommend these pliers.

Love These!


I am so happy with these! I got them as a Christmas gift and after years of being stuck with a pair of "hobby shop" round nose pliers, these are a life saver! They save time, effort, and money! I would recommend these to anyone. I especially like that there are 3 loop sizes, not just one, as I've seen with some pliers.

Leak Oil


I bought these because of their design - the grooves make it easy to loop wires evenly. However, black oil (grease) leaks from the joint each time they are opened and closed. This has persisted even after wiping them thoroughly. This has left black stains on my hands and beads. I do not recommend them because of this. Customer Support Update: Thank you for your feedback! Many tools come from the manufacturer already oiled. This lubricates the joints and prevent rust. If there is an excess of oil wash your pliers in warm soapy water. Dry thoroughly immediately afterwards. Make sure all the water is wiped away to avoid rust from developing. If you have any question or need further help, please call us at 888.781.3559 or email suport@fusionbeads.com.