30 Day Challenge For Craft Month - March 2013

You're Invited!
In celebration of National Craft Month, FusionBeads.com is hosting a 30-day Bead Challenge for the month of March to anyone who wants to participate! Give your beading skills a workout by challenging yourself to as many of our daily beading activities as you can! It's a fun and creative way to grow as a beader and get more involved with our beading community, as you are welcome to share your creations on our Facebook timeline! You can also write about the challenges on your blog and share a link to it on our Facebook timeline!
Download a PDF calendar of the challenges here and hang it on your wall at home!

March 1
Start by making earrings!

March 2
Make A Simple Strung Piece!

March 3
Make jewelry to give to a friend!

March 4
Learn a new bead weaving stitch!

March 5
Use up some leftovers!

March 6
Try a different metal!

March 7
Make a piece using cord!

March 8
Have a beading date night!

March 9
Repair broken jewelry!

March 10
Make a wire wrapped ring!

March 11
Use a found object!

March 12
Finish an unfinished project!

March 13
Use a favorite seed bead mix!

March 14
Make a piece for girls night out!

March 15
Use Swarovski Mini Beads in a pair of earrings!

March 16
Use a bead that's been in your bead stash forever!

March 17
Make Something Green!

March 18
Use chain!

March 19
Try a woven fringe technique!

March 20
Time for spring cleaning!

March 21
Create a stacked bracelet set!

March 22
Make a piece inspired by a film!

March 23
Learn a new technique!

March 24
Use a clasp as a focal point!

March 25
Try chain maille!

March 26
Use pearls in your jewelry design!

March 27
Make a mixed media masterpiece!

March 28
Create a wire wrapped bracelet!

March 29
Add a pop of color!

March 30
Make a matching set!

March 31
Congratulations! You did it!


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