Beaders Canvas Software Q & A

1. How do you replace one bead color in a pattern for another bead color without having to click each box and draw?

First, select the bead color you want to change to (the new bead color). It should show in the "Selected Bead" field on the upper left hand side. Next, right click on any of the cells you want changed (the old bead color). That will bring up the "Pattern Pop-up Menu". Hover over the “Draw” option and click “All This ID”. All cells in the old bead color will be changed to the new color.

2. What does the Mask function under the Cursor Tools do?

You can use the Mask function on a certain bead color so that when you are reducing colors, it will not be deleted.

3. Can I change the grid colors?

Yes. Under the View tab, click “Show Extra Panel”. At the bottom of the panel, you can change the grid colors to make patterns easier to read.

4. Can I change my bead size to a custom size?

Yes. Under the view tab, click “Show Extra Panel” and you will see the option to change the bead size.

5. Can I change the offsets on a pattern?

Yes. Under the Pattern Tab, you can click “Change Offsets”.

6. Can I change the shape or size of the beads for my pattern?

Yes. Click “View” and then select "Show Extra Panel". From there, you can change the dimensions or shape of the beads displayed in the pattern.

7. Can I change the stitch type of my pattern?

Yes. Under “Pattern Controls” on the right side of the screen, you may change the stitch type on the drop down bar.

8. What stitches are available in Beader's Canvas?

The following stitches are available in Beader's Canvas: peyote (can also be modified to peyote drop stitches such as 2-drop and 3-drop), brick, square, right angle weave, and loom.

9. What’s the best way to learn to use Beader’s Canvas?

For Version 1: The best way to become familiar with Beader’s Canvas’s menus, functions and features is to go through the Tutorials that come with Beader’s Canvas . The tutorial is installed as a separate application. Click the desktop icon for Beader’s Canvas Tutorials (BT) to start the tutorials.
For Version 2: The best way to become familiar with Beader’s Canvas’s menus, functions and features is to use the Help file.

10. If I have a technical question or problem using Beader’s Canvas, how can I get help?

Please contact Robert Dunn, developer of Beader’s Canvas, at

11. How can I obtain updates for Beader's Canvas? How much do they cost?

Click on the "Help" option in the menu bar and select "Check for Updates". This option will tell you if there are updates for the program. You can also click here to download updates directly from the Beader's Canvas website.

Since Beader's Canvas was first released in 2007, all updates have been free.

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