Craft Wire Q and A

1. What is craft wire?

Artistic Wire, Parawire and Soft Flex Craft Wire are all permanently colored copper craft wires. They have a solid copper core, are colored using an enamel coating and are coated in nylon to protect the coloring. All three kinds of wire can be used for wire wrapping, covering a component, coiling, twisting and Wig Jig designs.

2. Can I string jewelry using craft wire?

We do not recommend using craft wire to string jewelry. Craft wire is very flexible due to its soft copper core, and once it is kinked or bent, it cannot be straightened. We would recommend using beading wire to string jewelry, as it is very durable and is kink-resistant.

3. Will the coloring come off of craft wire?

The nylon-coated enamel coloring on our craft wires are engineered to resist chipping and peeling while you are working with the wire, but it is possible for the coloring to begin to flake off if the wire is overworked. There is a chance of the coating flaking at the cut end of the wire as well. Additionally, craft wire pieces cannot be tumbled, as this will remove the coloring.

4. Is your craft wire dead soft or half hard?

Our craft wire is dead soft.

5. Is craft wire hypoallergenic?

Although our craft wires are completely covered with the colored coating, there is a chance that a person with extreme metal allergies may have a reaction to the copper core. (Please also note that the Bare Copper craft wire color is a bare copper wire with no coating to protect the metal from touching the wearer's skin.)

6. Can I patina craft wire?

The non-tarnish coating and enameling on craft wire will resist taking a patina, with the exception of the Bare Copper and Tinned Copper colors. These colors do not have a non-tarnish coating and can therefore take a patina.

7. What is the difference between Natural and Bare Copper craft wires?

The Natural craft wire color is coated with a non-tarnish coating. The Bare Copper craft wire color has not been coated or colored and is simply the copper core wire, hence the "bare" notation.

8. Can I crochet with craft wire?

Yes. We would recommend using a craft wire that is either 28, 30, 32 or 34 gauge for crocheting.

9. Click here to download the Soft Flex Craft Wire color and gauge chart.

10. Click here to download the Artistic Wire color and gauge chart.

11. Click here to download the Parawire color and gauge chart.

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