Product Tips

1. How are spacer bars used?

If you are stringing multiple strands of beads, spacer bars will keep the rows straight and uniform. Use as many spacer bars as your design needs.

If you are planning to use many different sizes and shapes of beads, use the same size and number of beads after each spacer to keep the strands from bunching. For ideas, take a look at how spacer bars have been used by our designers in our Inspiration page.

2. Other than their shapes, what’s the difference between a round jump ring and an oval jump ring?

Oval jump rings are always cut with the opening on the long side of the oval. When a chain, another jump ring or a finding is looped through the oval jump ring without slack, gravity tends to keep the opening in the ring on the side away from the object to which it is attached. Even if the ring were to inadvertently open, this construction reduces the chance of the other object from detaching.

3. How can I make wine glass markers?

An easy way to make wine glass markers is to use beading hoops. String the beads and charms as desired, and use chain nose pliers to bend the straight end of the hoop to keep the beads from sliding off. See our step-by-step Technique to make wine glass markers.

4. How can I ensure that a bracelet or necklace closed with a magnetic clasp doesn’t fall off?

Magnet clasps are easy and fast to fasten, especially for people who have difficulty with other types of clasps. Unfortunately, their ease in fastening is also what makes them easy to pull open inadvertently. To prevent loss, you can either choose a magnetic clasp with a built-in lock, or make a small safety chain yourself. Choose a small, flexible chain less than 2mm in diameter.

Cut about an inch of chain (for a bracelet, cut a piece long enough to allow your hand to pass through when the chain is attached to the clasp). Use jump or split rings to attach each end of the chain to each side of the magnetic clasp. Now even if the clasp detaches inadvertently, the chain will keep the jewelry from falling off.

5. I want to use a charm as a pendant on a chain, but the loop at the top of the charm is facing in the wrong direction, and the charm is always turning backward when I wear it.

An easy solution to this problem is to attach a jump ring to the charm, then string the chain through the jump ring. The jump ring will enable the charm to hang flat against your skin and stay facing in the direction that you want it to. For photos and instructions on attaching a jump ring, see our step-by-step Technique.

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