Swarovski Innovations Fall/Winter 2012/13

Denim Blue – New Color

Blue is the main trend color for Fall/Winter 2012/13 and beyond. This easily wearable color answers design’s current trend direction towards unisex elements. It can be used for sophisticated evening wear as well as to satisfy the current strong trend direction towards casual and sportswear.

Crystal Antique Pink – New Effect

This new effect captures the design world’s rediscovered capacity to address the rosy side of life and is therefore a perfect fit to the strong, on-going trend towards nostalgic and vintage-inspired hues. Crystal Antique Pink is a romantic and feminine effect, but also possesses strength. It can be used either as a background or a highlight.

Crystal Petrol Pearl – New Crystal Pearl Effect

This sophisticated tone, which adds strength and depth to any design, can be used for everything from glamorous evening wear right through to tough utility wear. It crosses gender divides and is therefore universally applicable – a perfect unisex element for inclusion in fashion, accessories, interiors and jewelry. The main inspiration for the elegant Crystal Petrol Pearl tone was the color of a peacock´s feather.

Graphic Pendant – New Article

The play between smooth and rough is an ideal combination of two opposite principles. The Graphic Family perfectly addresses design’s current obsession with androgyny and unisex elements and at the same time reflects the global emphasis on individuality and the corresponding importance of modular product families. It offers extreme versatility, because it is classic in execution, yet still has a modern organic twist that fits easily into the mainstream trend direction for active/casual wear.

Oval Bead – New Article

The Oval Bead comes in a classic style, which suits the strong retro trend to update traditional designs with a modern twist. Because of its easy application and integration into varying designs it is perfectly suited to the creation of personally designed jewelry items (bracelets, earrings and necklaces).

Wild Heart Bead – New Article

The Wild Heart Bead is a new, wild interpretation of the popular and everlasting heart symbol. The stylized heart shape with its asymmetrical faceting, diagonal hole and elongated shape offers a more “rock ‘n’ roll” edge.

Helix Pendant – New Article

The Helix Pendant is a unique Pendant with all-around faceting. It is an outstanding design element that immediately captures interest with its particularly high brilliance. It also succeeds in creating a perfect mix of aspects of classic and contemporary design. The powerful structure crosses design boundaries and is suitable for the accessories and jewelry segments, especially for fine jewelry.

Rhombus Pendant – New Article

The new Rhombus Pendant comes in three sizes. Small sizes can be used for earrings, with cluster applications of this article especially suitable for chandelier earrings, whereas big sizes are perfect for matching necklaces. The graphic geometric shape is perfect for interpreting the trend of updated classics.

Fusion Concepts: Ceramics Assortment Extension (6 colors)

The strong revival of beautiful classic shapes in Ceramics is a perfect trend match for fusion-inspired designs. The mixing of materials with different design elements is currently a huge design trend. The subtle sheen of Ceramics ensures easy design integration.

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