Weekly Bead Challenge 2012

You're Invited!

Dress up your tresses this week by making a hair accessory! Add beads to a bobby pin or barrette, cover a headband in lace and crystal, or make a feather fascinator. There are endless options for making your hair stand out in a crowd!

Week 1 - Make a Bracelet

We’re starting the challenge off easy by making a bracelet. Add charms to a chain for a simple design or make a seed bead cuff. If you need some ideas to get started, head over to our Bracelet Inspiration. Whatever you do, try something new this week!

Week 2 - Use a Crystal Mix in a Piece of Jewelry

This week we’re saying no to monochrome! You can use one of our Swarovski Elements Crystal Mixes in your jewelry design.

Week 3 - Create a Custom Jewelry Display

Think outside of the jewelry box and use all of your crafting skills to make a creative jewelry display this week. Experiment with found objects like tree branches, window frames and chicken wire or raid the kitchen for a cheese grater and dish rack! As long as it shows off your jewelry collection, no display is too wild!

Week 4 - Learn a New Bead Weaving Stitch

Even the most experienced beader has a stitch they’ve never learned or that they have been avoiding. This isn’t the time to be intimidated, so head on over to our Bead Weaving Techniques and find a technique to learn this week that’s new for you!

Week 5 - Make a Pair of Earrings

Get creative with your earring design this week! Use a new material like leather or chain. Make teeny tiny drops or huge hoops. Take a departure from your standard earring designs and try something completely different!

Week 6 - Make a Piece of Jewelry For or Inspired by Your Pet

Our pets are a large part of the lives of us at FusionBeads.com and we bet your pets are too. Whether you make a new tag for your dog or a piece of jewelry inspired by your cat, this week we’re letting our pets inspire our jewelry! Check out our Pet Inspiration if you need a little creative boost:

Week 7 - Make a Hair Accessory

Dress up your tresses this week by making a hair accessory! Add beads to a bobby pin or barrette, cover a headband in lace and crystal, or make a feather fascinator. There are endless options for making your hair stand out in a crowd!

Week 8 - Organize Your Tools

Tools can be one of the most difficult supplies to store, but this week you’re going to find a solution to those pesky pliers and awkward hammers! Collect all your tools and create a home for each one. Whether it’s a tool box or rack, you might be surprised how much faster your projects go when your tools are right where you expect them!

Week 9 - Make A Wrapped Cord Bracelet

Many celebrities have been spotted wearing wrapped cord bracelets recently and now it’s your turn to sport this fashion trend! Use crystal bicones for a more glamorous look, gemstone beads for an earthy flavor or metal beads for an edgier style. Even if you already have a wrapped cord bracelet in your collection, you can never have too many of these versatile pieces!

Week 10 - Make A Piece Of Multi-Purpose Jewelry

The focus is on versatility this week as we make Multi-Purpose Jewelry or jewelry that can be worn more than one way. Try designing a necklace that can also be worn as a bracelet or a pendant that doubles as a broach. The more ways to wear your piece the better!

Week 11 - Make A Christmas Gift In July

For those of us who make handmade Christmas gifts it’s never too early to start crafting for this holiday! Start working on your holiday To-Make List, make a present for someone who’s been nice this year or create a new holiday ornament. Even though the sun is shining and the weather is warm we’re kicking off the Christmas season early!

Week 12 - Make A Piece Of Jewlery Inspired By A Film

Find your inspiration for this week’s challenge at the movies! If you love the pearl collar from Breakfast at Tiffany’s or the diamonds from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes now is the time to recreate your favorite piece of film jewelry. Make yourself the Heart of the Ocean or One Ring to rule them all. And you don’t have to replicate someone else’s design; you can create jewelry inspired by a whole film!

Week 13 - Use Paper In Your Jewelry Design

Coat it with resin, cover it with glitter, frame it in a locket, make beads out of it – paper is endlessly versatile. Rifle through your stash of wrapping paper, magazines, craft paper and photos for inspiring images and incorporate paper into the jewelry you create this week!

Week 14 - Use Feathers In A Design

Break out your fanciest plumage for feather week! Experiment with making feathers the focal point of your piece or use them as accents. You’ll be strutting like a peacock in your new feather jewelry!

Week 15 - Make A Piece Of Jewelry With Jewelry Clay

If you’ve been tempted to experiment with a new medium, then this is a great week for you to try jewelry clay! These clays are a wonderful way to set Swarovski crystal stones or other hole-less objects you’ve wanted to showcase. If you’re already a jewelry clay expert, then it’s time to try a new color or setting a new material in the clay.

Week 16 - Make A Statement Piece

A statement piece doesn’t have to be overwhelming to still speak volumes about the wearer. Bold colors, multiple strands or a large focal can all turn regular jewelry into a show stopping piece. Make something this week that stands out in a crowd!

Week 17 - Use A Color That's New To You

We all have favorite colors that we turn to time and again in our designs. Stop playing it safe and work with a color that’s new for you. Experiment with new tones and shades this week to discover a whole new palette!

Week 18 - Use Resin or Glaze In a Piece of Jewelry

Break out your molds and bezels for this week’s challenge – it’s time to use resin or glaze in your jewelry! Preserve a precious keepsake or capture a favorite photo in a bezel pendant. Create your own custom cabochons with a mold. Experiment with pigments and glitter!

Week 19 - Make A Piece of Jewelry Using Only 3 Colors

With so many beads in the world it can be hard to choose which supplies to use for which project! Being overwhelmed by choices can delay a project indefinitely. Make it easy for yourself and accept this week’s challenge by only using 3 colors in a piece of jewelry!

Week 20 - Use A Clasp As A Focal Piece

Don't hide your clasp at the back of a necklace or bracelet - let it shine! Choose a beautiful or intricate clasp to showcase in your piece this week and make it the focal point of your jewelry!

Week 21 - Make A Piece Inspired By A Color Idea

The world around us is full of inspiring colors! The designers at FusionBeads.com have created beautiful color palettes inspired by everything from classical artwork to ice cream to crayons to inspire your jewelry. Use one of our Color Ideas to inspire your piece this week or create your own!

Week 22 - Get Inspired By Another Culture

Explore other cultures in this week’s jewelry challenge. Let your imagination travel around the world to find inspiration in the bright colors of India, Navajo bead work or Celtic knots!

Week 23 - Make A Piece of Jewelry Inspired Your Fav. City

Whether you want to commemorate your home town or remember a favorite vacation, this is the week to make jewelry inspired by your favorite city! Suspend a souvenir from a recent trip in resin or glaze or feature landmark charm like the Seattle Space Needle or Eiffel Tower in your piece.

Week 24 - Make A Piece of Jewelry From A Magazine

Have you spotted something in your favorite beading magazine you want to try making yourself? Are you in love with the latest jewelry featured in a celebrity photo shoot? Flip through your magazine collection this week and find a piece to recreate!

Week 25 - Make Halloween Jewelry

Get prepared for Halloween by making your spookiest jewelry this week! Create a haunting piece for this year’s costume or a chilling holiday set to wear when greeting Trick-or-Treaters.

Week 26 - Draw A Sketch. Make The Piece.

Every crafter starts their design process differently. This week’s challenge is to begin your jewelry project on paper! Break out your paints, colored pencils, Sharpies or even crayons and create your piece on paper before putting it together.

Week 27 - Make A Piece Using Swarovski’s Light Turquoise

Explore fresh and exciting color combinations this week by trying our Swarovski’s new Light Turquoise Crystal color! Combine this cool blue with similar colors or find the perfect contrasting shades to use in your latest challenge piece.

Week 28 - Use Swarovski’s Victory Pendant

Experiment with Swarovski’s latest pendant in this week’s challenge piece! The Victory Pendant’s symmetrical shape and unique faceting make it a beautiful choice for a focal or get creative by layering these pendants for a different look. Kick-start your project by seeing how our designers used the Victory Pendant in our Inspiration Projects!

Week 29 - Use Chain In A Design

Whether you highlight it in your piece or use it as a building block, pay extra attention to your chain this week! Check your beading stash for chain scraps to use in earrings or explore a type of chain that’s new to you. This versatile stringing material comes in so many shapes, sizes and metals you can use it in virtually any project.

Week 30 - Use Only One Technique

This is the week to focus on one jewelry technique and perfect it. Try making a whole necklace of wire wrapped links or weaving a peyote bracelet. Use a familiar technique or take this opportunity to learn something completely new!

Week 31 - Make a Simple Strung Piece

Some of the earliest jewelry a crafter makes are strung necklaces and bracelets. Rediscover the simple elegance of stringing when you go back to basics with this week’s challenge!

Week 32 - Learn To Use a New Tool

Is there a tool you’ve always wanted to try? This is the week to experiment with a completely new tool or try using an old tool in a new way. Not sure how to get the best results with a riveting set or looking for new tricks to do with your chasing hammer? Check out our Beading Techniques for tips and fresh ideas!

Week 33 - Be Inspired By Your Favorite Sports Team

Support your favorite sports team this week by making jewelry in their colors. Create new jewelry to wear to the next big game or a gift for their biggest fan! Not sure which Swarovski color matches your team’s uniforms? Check out our blog posts for MLB, MLS, NBA, NHL and NFL Team Crystal Color Charts . Go team!

Week 34 - Make a Party Piece

‘Tis the party season, which means it’s time to make yourself a show-stopping piece for your next holiday event! Brighten up a winter night with over the top crystals or bold colored pearls. Take a look through our Holiday Project Gallery if you want to see how our designers celebrate this time of year!

Week 35 - Learn a New Technique

Is there a project that’s caught your eye on our web site or in a magazine, but you thought it looked too hard to try? No bead weaving stitch is too intimidating, no technique too tough for us this week. Take on a new technique and master it!

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