Infuse Color and Texture with Eye-Catching Cords

The type of stringing material you choose affects the style of your design as well as its structure. offers a wide array of cords to fit all your jewelry designs perfectly, from earthy hemp and cotton cord to elegant silk string and satin cord and so much more. These colorful cords can be used in many popular jewelry styles, including wrapped cord bracelets, bead crocheting, kumihimo, macramé and pearl knotting. Learn all about cords in our Bead Stringing Q and A, Pearl Knotting Q and A and Beading Thread Q and A.

Chinese Knotting Cord

Cork Cord

Cotton Cord

Elastic Cord

Fashion Stretch Cord

Griffin Bead Cord

Hemp Cord

Leather Cord

Micro Cord

Pearl Cotton

P'Leather Cord

Rubber Cord and Tubing

Satin Cord

Silk String and Ribbon

Soutache Cord

Suede Lace

Superlon Bead Cord

Waxed Linen Cord

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