Filigree Q and A

1. What do the filigree pieces feel like when worn?

Our filigree pieces are lightweight enough to use in multiples on earrings, but still sturdy enough to link together into a hard-wearing bracelet without fear of the "petal" loops bending or snapping. Their backs are flat so they lay nicely on your body or clothes when hanging from a chain or made into a lapel pin. They are delicate while still being sturdy.

2. Where are the holes in the filigree pieces located?

The product photos show exactly where the holes are located in the pieces. Each filigree has "petals" with holes all around the edges just waiting to be connected with jump rings, split rings, wire, cord, Soft Flex or any other stringing material you can think of that fits. The backs are flat and do not have bails or shanks.

3. How do I attach the filigree pieces to findings or to other filigrees?

For bracelets, necklaces and earrings: The filigree findings can be linked anywhere there is a hole. You can simply place a jump ring, simple loop, or wrap a wire through any space in the "petals". For pins and ear posts: Use a strong adhesive such as E6000 to affix the components directly to pin pads. Remember that bonds between two metal surfaces are not going to be as strong as soldering. Magnets will not work with the filigrees. For buttons: Since our filigree pieces don’t have shanks on the back, they can’t be used the way a regular button can. However, you can sew the components directly onto fabric through the filigree holes. A short sharps needle would make this task easier. Once you have sewn on the filigree, you may fashion a loop of cord as a catch for your button.

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