I have been with Fusion Beads since September 2010. I began seriously beading in 2006 when I moved to California to work on my master’s degree and took a job at a local bead store in Berkeley. I took as many classes as I could, from pearl knotting to soldering, and tried to learn as many new techniques as possible. I work primarily with seed beads, chain maille, mixed metals, PMC, and high end stone, though I try to incorporate as many different products and techniques as I can into my work so I don’t get stuck in a rut. My most influential creative inspiration is my hometown of Detroit, the most beautiful city in the world; whether I’m making sports jewelry or dreaming Detroit’s architecture into beadwoven structures, a little bit of the city shows up in every piece I make. When I’m not beading, I’m playing bingo, watching my beloved Detroit sports teams, baking, bowling, playing darts, or travelling any and everywhere with my pal Norm the Gnome. You can find me always in transit between Seattle, Vancouver, Detroit, and any number of military bases that my dad and siblings are at. The Night in Alaska Bracelet, Ink Drop Earrings, and Head Turner Necklace are my favorite Inspiration designs.


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