Gemstone Q and A

1. What is a synthetic semi-precious stone?

Synthetic gemstones have the same properties as natural gems, but they are created in a laboratory. Simulated stones appear similar to natural gemstones but have different properties.

2. Are semi-precious stone beads dyed, enhanced or stabilized?

Almost all semi-precious stone beads are somehow altered to enhance their natural colors. Fusion Beads carries only high-quality, semi-precious stone beads that will not bleed or fade.

3. What is opalized glass?

Opalized glass is glass, not a naturally occurring stone. The glass is opalized by injecting a substance that creates a cloudy, iridescent effect. Some beads look slightly cloudier than others, giving each strand a natural look. It resembles a natural stone so much that we like to think of it as part of the semi-precious family when designing jewelry.

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