A lifelong Washingtonian, I was born and raised on the eastside in Bellevue, WA. I attended Western Washington University, where I spent four years photographing and working with the local art and music scene. Now I am in Seattle working for as one of their photographers and loving every minute of it! Some techniques I’m looking forward to learning are Antiquing Silver and using ICE Resin with a Photograph. My favorite inspiration items are the Cruisin’ Cuff Links, Bermuda Triangle Necklace, and Dark Meteor Necklace. When I’m not working at Fusion Beads, you can find me photographing concerts around Seattle or at home working on my experimental artwork.
Butane Micro Torch

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Precisionsmith Chasing Hammer by Fretz

8.25 inches.75 inches

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Economy Double Horn Anvil

4.5 inches1 inches

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ICE Resin Refill Kit- 16 ounces

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