Preciosa Czech Crystal Q and A

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2. Where is Preciosa Czech Crystal made?

Preciosa Czech Crystal is made in the town of Jablonec nad Nisou, a town in Northern Bohemia, a region of the Czech Republic.

3. How is Preciosa Czech Crystal made?

Preciosa Czech Crystal is made through a process of melting quartz sand, soda, potash, minium and other ingredients at very high temperatures. It is then processed, cut and polished using specialized technologies developed by Preciosa.

4. How is Preciosa crystal different from other crystal?

Preciosa Czech Crystal is made with incredibly high quality raw materials including silica sand, sodium, potassium carbonate, minium and other materials which are melted at high temperatures. Preciosa then processes their crystal with the use of their trademarked Hi-Pure Crystal technology which, according to Preciosa, gives their crystal “extraordinary optical and aesthetic characteristics.” Finally, Preciosa’s stones are machine-cut to ensure incredibly clean lines and precise faceting. This gives them an extraordinary brilliance not found in lower-grade crystal.

5. Why should I buy Preciosa Czech Crystal?

Preciosa Czech Crystal is one of the industry leaders in the development and production of superior quality Genuine Czech Crystal. These products are renowned for their brilliance, shine and extraordinary durability and resistance to wear. In spite of its exemplary quality, Preciosa Czech Crystal remains an affordable and economical source for colorful and dazzling crystal beads and components. As a direct importer, is very proud to pass this extraordinary value on to our customers through our wide range of Genuine Czech Crystal beads, pendants and stones.

6. What is a crystal effect?

A crystal effect is a coating made on the surface of the crystal that causes it to refract light differently, showing a variety of colors that would not appear on untreated crystal.

7. How is a crystal effect made?

A crystal effect is created when the crystal undergoes chemical or mechanical processes that leave it with a special surface or translucent effect. These effects cause the crystal to refract light differently, leading to a variety of colors or “finishes.”

8. I bought a selection of Preciosa Czech Crystal beads with a crystal effect. I ordered only one color. Why do some of them seem to be different colors?

Crystal effects and coatings, like AB or Celsian, are specifically applied to the crystal in order to change the way light is refracted and to create special color effects. Because of the varied nature within each effect that can be created, there is a wide spectrum of acceptable color outcomes. For example, if you order a selection of Preciosa Czech Crystal Bicone beads in Emerald AB, some may look slightly green while others seem slightly bluer.

The best way to avoid any obvious color differences is by making sure that you buy all the beads you need for one project in single batches. These will tend to be from the same dye lot and will minimize the chance for noticeable color differences.

9. What are the differences between Preciosa and Swarovski crystals?

With its lower price-point, Preciosa can be a more economical option, but both are superb examples of crystal and are available at Fusion Beads in a wide variety of shapes and colors.

10. Do Preciosa crystal dye lots vary in color?

Yes, colors and dye lots may vary slightly.

11. What is the difference between the Preciosa Czech Crystal Regular Round cut and Rich Cut Round beads?

Preciosa Czech Crystal Rich Cut Round beads have an increased number of reflective surfaces on beads that are the same size and shape as their Regular Round cut beads. This allows them to have greater light refraction leading to more intense shine and brilliance.

12. How is a Preciosa Czech Crystal bicone different from a Swarovski Elements bicone?

Both Preciosa Czech Crystal bicones and Swarovski Elements bicones are faceted beads that look as if two flat-topped cone shapes were attached at their wide ends. They are strung through the “height” of the cones, creating a bead that is the same length as its width. The Preciosa bicone has fewer facets and reflective surfaces than that of Swarovski, but both beads have impeccable faceting, brilliance and shine and make incredible additions to any piece of jewelry.

13. Does Preciosa Czech Crystal contain lead?

Like many beads, components, findings and other products, Preciosa Czech Crystal does contain minute amounts of lead. However, Preciosa Czech crystal meets the requirements for materials coming into direct contact with human skin according to the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.

This product does not meet the standards of California Proposition 65 and it should be noted that none of’s products are intended for the use of children.

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