Renaissance Wax Q and A

1. What is Renaissance Wax?

Renaissance Wax is a fragrance-free, acid-free microcrystalline wax. It was developed for use in the British Museum and is used by museums worldwide for protecting furniture, leather, marble, paintings and metal.

2. What can Renaissance Wax be used on?

Renaissance Wax can be used on all metals, gemstones, glass, enamel, wood and more.

3. Will Renaissance Wax seal patinas?

Renaissance Wax is excellent as a permanent patina sealer.

4. What does Renaissance Wax protect against?

Once applied, Renaissance Wax protects against tarnish, repels oils, dirts and fingerprints, and is waterproof, alcohol resistant and non-abrasive.

5. Will Renaissance Wax change color over the years?

Renaissance Wax will not stain or discolor with aging.

6. How do I apply Renaissance Wax?

We recommend using Renaissance Wax in a well-ventilated room. People with sensitive skin may want to wear gloves when applying the wax.

To use, apply sparingly with a soft cloth and buff gently for a glossy finish. The wax dries hard instantly with no sticky residue.

7. Do I need to frequently reapply Renaissance Wax to my piece?

Renaissance Wax's long-lasting preservation reduces the need for frequent maintenance.

8. Can I remove Renaissance Wax after I apply it?

Renaissance Wax can be completely removed by rubbing with mineral spirits.

9. How long does Renaissance Wax last in its tin?

In room temperature, with the can firmly capped, Renaissance Wax has an indefinite shelf life.

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