Hailing from South Africa, I came to Seattle in 2003 and continued my lifelong addiction to art, creativity and making jewelry. But it was only in 2007 when I was hired into this dream job at Fusion Beads that my beading addiction truly began! Now I spend my free time making pretty things and trying to hide those pretty things from my ever-curious cat. My favorite techniques are Antiquing Silver, Metal Stamping and Using ICE Resin with vintage images and found objects. My favorite Inspiration pieces are Bird of Paradise and Chain of Fools. I also really love Close To You, an inspiring design using wire working without having to solder or fuse. I love to challenge myself constantly through yoga, art, music, books and general creative endeavors. I am never satisfied with normal. I am constantly curious about the strange. And I always try to be wise, brave, positive and inspired.
Antilope Saw Blade - 2 Cut

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ICE Resin- 8 ounces

Sold By: 1 set


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Cut Lube

Sold By: 2 oz. tube


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1.25mm Metal Hole Punch Pliers

5.5 inches2 inches

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Bench Pin & Anvil

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3 in. Deluxe Non-Adjustable Saw Frame

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