Stringing Techniques

Add new beading skills to your repertoire with's Techniques! Helpful step-by-step picture tutorials are available on many useful stringing techniques, such as crimping beading wire, using elastic cord and creating multi-strand pieces. Each technique page will have a list of materials and tools that you will need, plus any additional tips that we found helpful.


Crimp Bead Covers

Crimping Beads onto Beading Wire

Magic Crimping

Crimping Cord

Using the Magic Finding and Omega Insert with the Magic Finding Pliers

Using the Magic Finding with the Magic Finding Pliers

Crimping Stretch Magic

Knotting Stretch Magic

Multi-strand - 3 to 1 Link

Multi-strand - 3 to 1 Link With Hidden Crimps

Multi-strand Piece with Cones

Multi-strand With Closed Jump Rings

Opening and Closing a Jump Ring

How to Use a Premade Extender Chain

Make your own Extender Chain

Using a Wire Guardian

Using French Wire with Beading Wire


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