Swarovski Innovations Spring/Summer 2015

Crystal Iridescent Green - New Effect

Both traditional and modern, Crystal Iridescent Green is a metallic two-tone effect that gives off a stunning blue-green glow. It can easily be paired with both dark and metallic hues and beige and nude tones alike, giving it a stylish versatility that translates to a wide array of jewelry designs.

Tangerine – New Color

Inspired by the Mandarin garnet gemstone, vibrant Tangerine evokes visions of stunning sunsets with its strong yet romantic hue. Try pairing this rich color with warm, saturated browns and golds for an elegant style expression, or with soft greens and blues for an eye-catching color contrast.

Crystal Iridescent Green Pearl – New Pearl

Add shimmer and shine to any jewelry piece with the golden-green opulence of Crystal Iridescent Green Pearl. Its striking metallic coating works flawlessly as a statement shade, or its semi-matte sheen can be used as an accent to offset brilliant crystals.

Maison Martin Margiela for Swarovski Crystalactite Pendants (Art. 6016/G, 6017/G, 6018/G, 6019/G)

An innovative interpretation of natural stalactite forms, the Crystalactite Pendants were developed in creative collaboration with the renowned fashion house Maison Martin Margiela. These avant-garde pendants are enhanced with partially matte facets and are reminiscent of haute-couture pieces with their sophisticated aesthetic. This new pendant article is available in two styles; the Crystalactite Pendant features a thinner, tapered profile, while the Petite Crystalactite Pendant has a wider, more geometric shape.

Cushion Fancy Stone (Art. 4568)

Confident and sophisticated, the brilliant Cushion Fancy Stone finds its inspiration in classic gemstone cuts. Its versatile shape lends itself to jewelry designs both contemporary and vintage-inspired, from bold statement pieces to refined, romantic creations.

Mini Rhombus Bead (Art. 5054) – New Article

Swarovski’s popular Mini Bead line has been extended to include three innovative new shapes, including the Mini Rhombus Bead. Beautifully delicate and brilliantly faceted, the Mini Rhombus Bead is cut in a classic diamond shape that perfectly accents any jewelry design.

Mini Rectangle Bead (Art. 5055) – New Article

A truly versatile cut, the classic Mini Rectangle Bead is perfectly faceted to create a dazzling reflection when it catches the light. Its minimal yet eye-catching shape works either as a stunning stand-alone design element or as a sparkling accent bead in more complex pieces.

Mini Drop Bead (Art. 5056) – New Article

Softly shaped with glittering geometric faceting, the Mini Drop Bead exudes easy sophistication with its timeless silhouette. Try layering the Mini Drop Bead into delicate and intricate jewelry designs, or as an elegant accent to offset larger crystal stones.

Skull Bead (Art. 5750) – New Article

Unique and utterly attention-grabbing, the Skull Bead is a stunning masterpiece of crystal design. Its impeccably precise multi-layer cut gives the Skull Bead a profile that is intricately detailed and highly reflective. It can be used in edgier designs or in more elegant jewelry as a darkly romantic statement bead.

Pavé Ball (Art. 86 001) – New Article

Studded with brilliant Crystal Chaton Stones, the playful Pavé Ball comes in a versatile round shape that mixes matte clay with shining crystals. A wide variety of sizes, colors, and effects makes the Pavé Ball an ideal accent bead to nearly any jewelry design that demands a pop of captivating crystals.

XIRIUS Raindrop Pendant (Art. 6022) – New Article

Both elegant and futuristic, the XIRIUS Raindrop Pendant; features brilliant chaton-cut faceting . Its colorful effects are applied on the top of the pendant, rather than the side, which is a first for Swarovski. When viewed from below, the effect creates a dazzling kaleidoscope of colors, making this pendant an ideal choice for a captivating charm or focal piece.

Rivoli Crystal Button (4 holes) (Art. 3018) – New Article

Another first for Swarovski is the newest Rivoli Crystal Button, which is the first button to be offered with four holes. Elegantly cut with a classic shape, the 4-Hole Rivoli Button is extremely easy to apply and can be used as a functional button on clothing or a decorative embellishment on jewelry and accessories.

Bow Tie Sew-on Stone (Art. 3258) – New Article

Simple yet stylish, the Bow Tie Sew-On Stone features a playful cut that resembles either a bow tie or a bow. The beauty of the Bow Tie Sew-On Stone lies not only in its appearance but in its versatility; it works with designs both romantic and feminine or strong and lean.

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