Tools Glossary


Use scissors to cut thread, cord, elastic, Fireline or PowerPro or use the scissors to cut out a collage or transfer sheet image.

Diva Cord Maker

Use the Diva Cord Maker to create colorful beaded cords for jewelry and accessories. Based on an ancient multi-strand braiding technique made easier, the foolproof Diva Cord Maker is a handy, portable disc that enables you to create gorgeous, multi-fiber cords embellished with beads. It’s so easy that kids love it, too! Use the beautifully textured cords as necklaces, bracelets, purse handles, trims and much more.

Jewelry Shield

Jewelry Shield is the perfect solution if you are allergic to metals. It is a brush-on coating for jewelry that protects sensitive skin from irritation. As easy to use as nail polish, Jewelry Shield also prevents base metals from discoloring skin.

Bead Stoppers

Beaders can always use extra hands. Bead stoppers save you time and frustration with their functional designs. Use these bead stoppers on the end of your thread or beading wire while threading beads.

ICE Resin

ICE Resin, a nontoxic, jeweler’s grade product, enables you to create unique pendants and other jewelry components. Developed by well-known artist and instructor Susan Lenart Kazmer, ICE Resin stays transparent without yellowing or breaking down. Pour the resin into a bezel or picture frame pendant, silicone mold or even on paper. Set images, charms, beads or other embellishments into the resin, and you have a gorgeous, custom-made piece.

Amazing Glaze

Set an image, beads, or other keepsake with Amazing Glaze in one of our bezel pendants to create one-of-a-kind jewelry embellishments. Heat Amazing Glaze embossing powder with a toaster oven or conventional oven (at 275') to liquefy and simultaneously set it in 10-20 minutes. Amazing Glaze dries clear with a hard finish to protect the image.

Diamond Glaze

Diamond Glaze is a water-based liquid adhesive that dries to a transparent, glass-like finish in 2-3 hours; and can be mixed with dye-based inks, watercolor and pigments.


Use these molds with ICE Resin. They come in a variety of sizes and fun shapes, including bangle forms to make bracelets and earring components.

Silicone Mold Putty

Unleash your creativity by making your own molds with EasyMold Silicone Putty. This nontoxic, easy-to-use, versatile product enables you to make your own molds for use with resin. Shape the putty or impress it with objects of your choice. Silicone mold putty comes with full instructions.

Transparent Liquid Dyes

Transparent Liquid Dyes work well with ICE Resin. Add a drop at a time to the mixed ICE Resin until you achieve the desired result.

Opaque Liquid Pigment

Use opaque liquid pigments with ICE Resin. Add a drop at a time to the mixed resin until you achieve the desired color.

Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments

Give ICE Resin and other resin products rich hues and a pearlescent shimmer with powdered PearlEx pigments. Mix in a small amount for transparency, or add more for greater opacity. Powdered pigments are also ideal for use with scrapbooking and rubberstamping products.


Sparkling, shimmering glitter is ideal to embellish your handmade jewelry components. Our collection includes ultrafine opaque glitter, ultrfine transparent, ultrafine hologram as well as vintage glass glitter and vintage glass shards. Suspend glitter in ICE Resin or Diamond Glaze encased in a bezel, and you’ll create a personal focal piece for your jewelry. Our glitter products are ideal for general craft use, too.

Collage and Transfer Sheets

Sized to fit ideally with our bezel pendants and other findings, you can cut out the collage or transfer sheets with our paper punches made to fit the findings perfectly. Glaze as desired with Diamond Glaze, ICE Resin or other resin products.

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