Top Technique Trends of 2013

Macrame - Square Knot

Macrame - Half Knot Spiral

Macrame - Adjustable Closure

Basic Bead Crochet

Kumihimo – Simple 8-Warp Braid

Kumihimo – Simple 8-Warp Braid with Beads

Kumihimo – Clasp Option 1

Wrapped Cord Bracelet

Wrapped Chain and Cord Bracelet

Basic Beading on a Loom

Loom Clasp - Option 1

Soutache: Attaching Around Beads

Soutache: Attaching Around a Cabochon

Soutache: Attaching Multiple Pieces

Soutache: Attaching a Backing

Soutache: Edging

Riveting Using Compression Rivets

Attaching Components to Regaliz® Leather

Wire Wrapped Bird's Nest


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