Tumbler Q and A

1. I just purchased my tumbler. How do I begin?

If you are using the tumbler for the first time, run the barrel with 1lb of shot, 2 cups of water and 2 or 3 drops of Dawn or ½ tablespoon of the Shinebright™ Burnishing Compound for 30 minutes to clean the inside of the barrel. Then you can use the tumbler to clean, de-burr and polish your metals. For further instructions please refer to the Using a Tumbler Technique.

2. What can I use my tumbler for?

You can use your tumbler to harden and polish fused fine silver rings and chain. You can also use the tumbler to clean and polish tarnished metals. You can place jump rings, findings, clasps, ear wires, wire, metal beads, and chain in the tumbler for cleaning. Be careful of very fine chain as it can get tangled. Do not tumble crystal or semi precious stones, they can crack, chip or break. Do not tumble head pins, they will bend.

3. How much shot should I put into the tumbler?

We carry a 3lb tumbler. So fill the tumbler with 1lb of stainless steel shot and two cups of water.

4. How much Shinebright™ Burnishing Compound should I put into the tumbler?

Mix ½ a teaspoon to 2 cups of water.

5. If I don’t have Shinebright™ Burnishing Compound, is there something else I can use instead?

You can use 2-3 drops of Dawn original dishwashing liquid.

6. Why do I need to use Shinebright™ Burnishing Compound?

Shinebright™ Burnishing Compound possesses unique detergent, descaling and polishing properties. It is an odorless biodegradable concentrate designed for use with stainless steel shot.

7. How much water should I put into the tumbler? What will happen if I overfill the tumbler?

You will use about two cups of water. You want to cover the shot and the metal you are tumbling with about an inch of water.

Overfilling the tumbler can lead to motor burnout; our Using a Tumbler Technique will give you the proper amounts of water and shot to use with your tumbler.

8. How long should I tumble tarnished metal or fused fine silver for?

Between 15 and 30 minutes. Remove the metals from the tumbler to check on how polished they are. If you need to, return them to the tumbler for further polishing.

9. How do I store the shot once I have finished tumbling the tarnished metals?

Rinse the stainless steel shot thoroughly with clean, warm water and let it air dry completely before storing. You can store it inside the tumbler or in a plastic container - as long as it is dry.

10. Will Liver of Sulfur damage the stainless steel shot?

No, but make sure you tumble oxidized pieces separately from non-oxidized items.

11. How does the tumbler work?

The stainless steel jewelry shot and Shinebright™ Burnishing Compound will polish, de-burr and harden your silver.

12. Why is the shot made up of different shapes?

The shot is composed of three different shapes: diagonal round and pin. Each does a different job burnishing metals to a mirror bright finish in a minimum amount of time. It gives great uniformity, is rust and corrosion resistant and ale to stand up to strong compounds.

13. For mechanical issues with your tumbler, including the barrel not turning, the motor being hot to the touch, and the barrel lid leaking, click here to consult the tumbler manual directly.

14. Click here to download the Tumbler FAQ.

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