Vintaj® Patina Q and A

1. What are the Vintaj Patina Kits, and what will they do for my jewelry?

Vintaj Patinas are permanent opaque inks specially formulated by Ranger to adhere to all metals and create beautiful and durable satin-finish patina effects. The Patinas will colorize metal findings and filigrees for gorgeous jewelry and embellishments.

2. How do I apply a Vintaj Patina?

Drop the patina directly onto a metal surface using the precision tip. You can then smudge or guide the ink over the surface with a paint brush, cotton ball, make-up sponge or cotton swab.

3. Are the Vintaj Patina colors opaque or transparent?

The colors are opaque.

4. Are the Vintaj Patina water soluble?

Yes, they are water soluble when liquid but are permanent once dried.

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