WigJig Techniques

Gain versatile new beading skills with FusionBeads.com's Techniques! Follow along with our easy to follow step-by-step picture tutorials on many useful WigJig techniques, including seven fun patterns that can be used in a wide variety of playful jewelry designs. Each technique page will have a list of materials and tools that you will need, plus any additional tips that we found helpful.

Wig Jig Pattern 1

Wig Jig Pattern 2

Wig Jig Pattern 3

Wig Jig Pattern 4

Wig Jig Pattern 5

Wig Jig Pattern 6

Wig Jig Pattern 7 - Option 1

Wig Jig Pattern 7 - Option 2

Round Connector Finding

Diamond Connector Finding

Teardrop Connector Finding

5-to-1 Connector Finding

Movable 5-to-1 Connector Finding

Round Ear Wire Finding

Open French Ear Wire Finding

Oval Ear Wire Finding

Tall Ear Wire Finding

Toggle Finding

Hook and Eye Finding

Hardening a Wire Form

Flattening a Wire Form

Making An Expandable Bangle Bracelet


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