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Clear Plastic Storage Box

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$1.95 to $11.95
SKU: MM1554
$1.95 to $11.95


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SKU: MM1554

Length: 4 inches

Width: 6 inches

Product Material: Plastic

Country of Origin: United States

Sold By: 1 piece

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Top Storage


I love these storage boxes. I use them to store my seed beads and crystals. I can label them and store them by color and find them easily. The only thing I've noticed is that once in a while the tops slide off easier than they should and they could spill if your not careful, but I still love them.

Clear Plastic Storage Box with 24 Flip Top Boxes


Been using this system over 10 years--it's the best! Have not found anything better. Highly recommend!

Clear Plastic Storage Box with 36 Flip Top Boxes


Best system ever! Been using them for over 10 years-highly recommend!

Clear Plastic Storage Box with 12 Flip Top Boxes


Love this storage system. Been using them for 10+ years. Recommend highly!

Beautiful Storage Solution, However....


Absolutely no dimensions are given for this item, so I ordered on faith and was let down big time. I expected it to be twice the size it actually is, as I purchase rhinestones by the thousands and tens of thousands, and hoped at least one 10K quantity bag would fit in the largest of the boxes, and it came nowhere close. So a fraction of my 20 stocked kinds/colors are in this beautiful, but tiny box and the rest are still in ziplock bags :-/

Fusion Beads Customer Support Update:

Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear this product did not work for you. Please feel free to return it for a refund! The box dimensions can be found in the Product Details section. Simply select the size and all these details will appear below the product picture. Please contact us at Customer Support and we will be happy to assist you further. We are available by e-mail at support@fusionbeads.com.

These are awesome!


I purchased 8 of these to hold delicas, seed beads, findings, etc. They're already full and I plan to order more. They hold 22 medium-sized flip-top boxes and because they are clear you can easily see what's inside. I've labeled mine as to size and type of bead. Best yet, I can hold 8 of them in each drawer of my "bead cabinet", instead of varying boxes and baskets I was using. Highly recommended.