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SKU: MM0935
$0.87 to $10.86

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SKU: MM0935

Country of Origin: United States

Sold By: 5 feet to 30 yards

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Great for wire wrapping!


This is the closest to the real silver wire without the cost! The advantage is that it truly never tarnishes and looks like new for years. I would recommend it instead of the costlier silver wire. This is a great substitute!

a favorite


This is one of my favorite wires for wire wrapping. I use it for rings and earrings. I always get compliments on the color and quality of this product. I buy it again and again! I find it is a bit more sturdy than the parawire, though I do use them both.

Craft Wire


This is the first time that I have used such thin guage wire and I really do like this wire. The color stays with the wire very well and I have not seen any signs of tarnish. I would recommend this product.

Craft Wire


This is the first time that I have used such thin guage wire and I really do like this wire. The color stays with the wire very well . I would recommend this product.

Great Look but watch the gauge


Recently ordered several 10 gauge. In hindsight, should have ordered just one to investigate it better. Colors are great, but gauge is a little tough to work with and is not very bendable. I knew 10 gauge would be larger, but thought it would be easier to manipulate. Discussed with the nice customer service rep if there were any specific tricks to make bending easier. One would need really strong biceps and strong tools to complete a project, so I opted to return this gauge and go to a higher number. So will buy it again in a couple of weeks. The color of silver, gold and copper are wonderful. Just watch the gauge you select!

Be Careful What Tools You Use!


This wire looses its silver finish easily to reveal the clashing copper underneath. So be careful what tools you use! Use nylon tools or Tool Magic, or you will be sorry.

Great color


This wire looks as gold as can be and can be sanded without ruining the finish because it's solid brass. It sure is strong though - a bit tough to work with!

wire quality and color


good quality and color is as seen

Beaded flower wire


Wire is excellent for my heavy Victorian beaded flowers made from seed beads. Sturdy and good quality. Parcel arrived intact.



Perfect as stem wire for French Beaded flowers which are heavier.

Beading wire


Used for making Victorian Beaded Flowers. Parcel arrived intact.

Compelling color really pops


I love this color and haven't seen another sea foam wire that compares to it. It's brighter than most and really pops.

Not Happy With This Wire


Usually for my wire-wrapped jewelry projects, my go-to wire is BeadSmith Craft Wire, because it's pliable and wraps so beautifully for making pendants. This, on the other hand, is very disappointing, as it's difficult to work with and I can't make a decent looking pendant using it. My customer requested two wire-wrapped gemstone pendants done with black wire. Now I'm not sure what to use, as I'm afraid to spend more money on wire that I'm unfamiliar with. I wouldn't recommend using this for wire-wrapping.

Fusion Beads Customer Support Update:

Thank you for your feedback. We would love to help you with wire selection. Please contact us at Customer Support for further assistance. We are available by e-mail at support@fusionbeads.com or by phone at 1.888.781.3559.

OK, but...


I ordered this wired in several shades of purple, and in turquoise. The "purple" and "orchid" colors are very similar, though the "orchid" is noticeably a little more blue. The "amethyst" and "lavender" are so similar that the only way I can tell them apart is by the label. The "plum" is more of a bright fuchsia, and the "turquoise" is very green. I was going for more of a teal, so that's pretty much OK by me, but just be aware.

Also, what a few others have mentioned about the color coating chipping very easily is definitely true. I have been using ONLY nylon-jaw pliers with this wire, and am still having problems with color scratching off. It's a shame, because this would have been a very good price if I could have used all of the things I make with it - but as it is, some things come out with scratches that are bad enough to be unusable. I can't figure out how that's happening with nylon jaw pliers!