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Beading Scissors 1-1/4 in. Blade

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SKU: TL0302

Length: 4 inches

More Info: Tip - widest to narrowest point: 1.4mm x .5mm

Sold By: 1 piece

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I got these scissors to cut FireLine beading thread and it does a terrible job. I can use the scissors for something else, but not beading. Fusion Customer Support Update: Thank you for this feedback! Because of its excellent durability, FireLine can unfortunately be difficult to cut. If you have serrated industrial scissors, these can often do a decent job with cutting FireLine. These scissors work best with lighter beading threads than FireLine, such as K.O. or Nymo.

Beading Scissors!


Sharp--gets into small peyote stitch spaces but does not easily cut fireline. Fusion Customer Support Update: Thank you for sharing your experience with these scissors. We have updated our product description to reflect this feedback from our customers. Due to the strength and durability of polyethylene braided thread its best to use a spare or old wire cutter or heavy pair of scissors. FireLine and Power Pro often blunt the blades on cutters over time.

1-1/4 in blade beading scissors


to all my bead embroidery & Soutache buddies out there. These are the best scissors I have ever owned. Don't know how I got along without them. Flo Rhodes

Beading Scissors


I absolutely love these little scissors! They are sharp and easy on the hands! I'm getting one for my sewing room so I can keep these at my chair in the living room! Also would be great for gifts! Thank you!