ICE Resin- 8 ounces

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SKU: TL2167

Product Material: Resin

Brand: ICE Resin

Country of Origin: United States

Sold By: 1 set

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Love Ice resin


I love ice resin. Out of all the resins out there I think Ice resin is the best. It cures clear, like glass, no like ice. I also think Fusions has a very reasonable price on Ice Resin. So go and buy it because you won't be disappointed

great product but not non-toxic


I like using ice resin. However, it is not non-toxic (although better than some other resins) and users should read the safety data sheets. There are precautions for respiratory and skin reactions, too, so just be aware. Fusion Customer Support Update: Thank you for this feedback. ICE Resin is considered non-toxic after it is set. ICE Resin contains no hazardous chemicals in excess of 1% as indicated by supplier’s material safety data sheets and OSHA’s hazardous chemical standards. However, it is always a good idea to work in a well ventilated area!

Ice Resin Review


Great Product, but often seeded with bubbles. Have tried many products and techniques to get a clear pour, but bubbles often occur.

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