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$2.55 to $3.25
SKU: MM1507
$2.55 to $3.25


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SKU: MM1507

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Beadsmith size 15


These needles are completely useless. I purchased the expensive Tulip needles and Beadsmith in size 15 and 13 to compare. ALL FOUR Beadsmith needles snapped just by completing a simple square stitch project! They bend immediately and snap shortly after. Do not waste your money and save yourself the aggrevation. Tulip needles are well worth the money. I'm sticking with Tulip from now on. Too bad I don't have an option to give Beadsmith a 0 star rating.

Very good needles


I have found that these needles are the ONLY ones to use for extremely tiny beads such as the Czech size 15 charlottes. Used with tiny gauge Fireline, they work well. They do break easily, but then again they fit very easily thru tight spaces other needles won't fit into such as when doing crystal bursts with the charlottes. Can't do that with Tulip needles, which I found to be MUCH larger in gauge than what their number claims they are. I didn't like the spendy Tulip needles at all! The only reason I'm giving these 4 stars instead of 5 is because they do break easily.

Not so much!


I just started learning bead weaving both on and off loom and I despise this needles. They are hard to thread but yet the thread can pull out a zillion times ( maybe I'm doing something wrong) plus they break at the drop of a hat!

Fusion Beads Customer Support Update:

We are sorry to hear this product did not work for you. Beading needles can break due to excessive pressure or after repeated use. Try Tulip needles which are sturdy and resilient. They may work better for your needs. Please contact customer support if you have any other questions or need assistance. We are available at support@fusionbeads.com.

Beadsmith needles


I find that if I mash the end of thread it goes into the needles eye easily. Pressing the needles to tightly will cause them to break. I had to learn an easy hand with them. Also trying to straighten them to often will weaken then. I love these needles for my beadweaving because they go through the backing on bracelets and collars so smoothly.