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Ice Resin

ICE Resin, a nontoxic, jeweler's grade product, enables you to create unique pendants and other jewelry components. Developed by well-known artist and instructor Susan Lenart Kazmer, ICE Resin stays transparent without yellowing or breaking down. Pour the resin into a bezel pendant, silicone mold or even on paper. Set images, charms, beads or other embellishments into the resin, and you have a gorgeous, custom-made piece. carries ICE Resin in a kit that includes the two-part resin formula, measuring cups, stir sticks and complete instructions for getting started with resin.

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ICE Resin- 8 ounces
Sold By: 1 set
ICE Resin Refill Kit- 16 ounces
Sold By: 1 set