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Leather Luxe Bracelet Inspiration Project

Inspiration LevelBeginner

Approximate Finished Length14 inches (double-wrapped)

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    Really Fun Project


    I would like to leave a review of this bracelet. I haven't been asked to give a review for some reason but I have some ideas to contribute for future users.
    I attached the button and then the thread to the leather cord as advised. I secured the button to a long bead board by threading some heavy yarn through the button hole and holding the yarn to the board with a large binder clip. I secured the ends of the leather cord to the other end of the bead board with another large binder clip.
    I worked from left to right (rather than from top to bottom as shown in the video). This was much easier for me. I used black Wildfire beading thread instead of green.
    I am happy how the bracelet turned out. I wish the demonstrator would have advised how to end and start a new thread because this is necessary half way through the project.
    Thank you for this nice project; the first of it's kind for me. Regards, Cheryle Perry



    Love this bracelet. It's classy and the colors are great with all my stuff. Sadly, there are two things that make it not perfect. One is that even though I followed the directions and cut one 36inch of cord, my cord ended WAY before the end of the bracelet. Too long to wrap once and too short to wrap twice. This renders the bracelet useless to me :( Being an absolute beginner at beading, I may have missed a crucial step that any other beader would know like if the instructions say 36" it's to be doubled so that EACH SIDE is 36".
    Anyway, there is also no instruction on adding working thread. I ran out of thread twice. I couldn't find instructions on your web site anywhere :( I ended up googling how to add thread in beading and got direction from a rival company. It was not good.
    Still, the bracelet is good, I just wasted my money on the kit to try and make it myself. Sad, I thought this would be a great pastime.

    **CS Update**

    We are happy to help!

    They are built into many of our inspiration project instructions. A great tutorial to help with this bracelet is our Wrapped Cord Bracelet at :

    When adding additional thread to a project you start a few rows back, weave it through until you reach the next section you are adding. This will create "tails." Leave them until the end of your project and you could use the Perfect thread burner or a pair of scissors to trim the tails.

    Please feel free to email with any questions or concerns and we will be happy to assist!

    Classy and Casual

    by -

    This is my favorite bracelet so far! The style and colors are sophisticated and understated.
    The pattern was not very difficult for someone familiar with ladder stitch bracelets, and I was able to finish it within hours.
    The overall design length finushed about an inch too long as a double wrap on my almost 6.75" wrist, so I had to shorten it just a bit.