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  • Niobium French Ear Wire with Loop by TierraCast - 12mm

Niobium French Ear Wire with Loop by TierraCast - 12mm

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SKU: MM2905

Length: 12 mm

Width: 0.8 mm

Depth: 8 mm

Hole Size: 3 mm

Product Material: Niobium

Gauge: 20

Country of Origin: United States

More Info: This product is lead free.

Sold By: 1 pair

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I Love These!


These have become my first go-to ear wires when designing earrings. The gray color compliments many of my designs, they are small enough and simple enough that they don't compete with the earring itself, AND they are naturally hypo-allergenic. Less expensive than sterling silver, too. It would be nice if they came in a slightly thinner gauge as well as the 20 ga.

Love these!


I use these ear wires a lot --- pretty much all of the niobium wires, as they do not detract from my designs but rather become part of them. I try to keep some of all the colors and configurations on hand (w/coil, bead,or plain) so I have a perfect match for every pair I design. I've been able to make several women very happy who thought they could not wear earrings due to even gold sensitivity --- the niobium seems to be fine for them. Most people have never heard of it, so I get to educate them, too. My only suggestion is to make them in 22 ga. As well as the 20 .

Versatile Choice


These ear wires are an excellent and cost-effective alternative to my usual choice of sterling silver. I do have friends and customers who are sensitive to ss and these work well plus they look nice too!



This is actually a question: since these earrings are 100% niobium, how is it that they come in several colors? Is it a heat process or something else? I have a metal sensitivity so I am very interested in this metallic element for jewelry. Fusion Customer Support Update: Thank you for your question! Please see our email reply to you! All of the Niobium earwires are 100% niobium. Niobium is an elemental metal which is strong yet flexible. Niobium is chemically non-reactive, therefore very hypoallergenic. It can be transformed into brilliant colors through the anodizing process. The colors are created by refracted light, do not use paint or dye and do not negate the metal's hypoallergenic qualities. Please email with further questions!

Niobium ear wires


I love these ear wires...I recommend them to everyone who has a metal allergy, which is almost always to nickel. People with a severe metal allergy cannot wear sterling silver ear wires as these are made with some nickel to "harden" the silver. These ear wires are a little expensive but they look good and hold up well. They are my "go to" ear wires. I wish Fusion carried some of the other colors but these are good.