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Pony Sharp Sewing/Beading Needles

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SKU: MM1517

Country of Origin: India

Sold By: 25 per pack

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these are NOT beading needles


Don't make the same mistake I did, these are not beading needles. They are 32mm in length which translates to 1-1/4 inches long. I can't imagine who could possible use these they are so small. If you want BEADING NEEDLES, then make sure that is what you are buying. Glad they were on sale because I bought 3 sizes and will never use them!

Customer Support Update: Thank you for your feedback. If these needles will not work for you please return them for a full refund. If you have questions please contact us at Customer Support. We are available by e-mail at support@fusionbeads.com, or by phone at 1.888.781.3559.

pony needles


I love these needles! The size is easy to go through 15/0 beads easily , multiple times.

Great "Sharps" Needles


I do a lot of peyote beading and find the shorter needles easier to to weave back and forth through the delicas. It's hard to find size 12 sharps for those times when you need to go through multiple times to end a thread or to add embellishments. Thanks, Fusion Beads, for carrying these in size 12!

Note - these are not "typical" beading needles with a long length. They're much shorter, just over an inch in length. As I said, I use them for peyote and I have friends who use them for bead embroidery when a longer length can make maneuvering challenging.