Beading Thread

String and stitch to your heart's content with our huge selection of beading thread for for every type of bead stringing, bead weaving and jewlery project you can imagine! We carry nylon, gel-spun polyethylene and monofilament cords including popular brands like FireLine, Nymo, Superlon, Silamide and Power Pro. Learn all about beading thread in our Beading Thread Q & A.

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Opelon Beading Thread
Sold By: 1 piece
One-G Beading Thread
Sold By: 50 to 250 yard spool
$4.25 to $15.65
12 Color One-G Beading Thread Assortment Pack
Sold By: 12 pack of 50 yard spools
Superlon Beading Thread
Sold By: 75 to 78 yard bobbin
Nymo Nylon Thread
Sold By: 43 to 140 yard bobbin
Silamide Nylon Thread
Sold By: 40 to 350 yard spool
$1.75 to $6.13
SoNo Beading Thread
Sold By: 100 meter spool