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Summer Days Earrings Inspiration Project - RETIRED*

*The Summer Days Earrings Inspiration Project has been retired from our site as we no longer carry all of the items needed to make this piece. We still want you to enjoy the project and use it for inspiration. You can see all of the products needed to make this project in the downloadable instructions and any of these items we do carry are listed below.

The following items in this piece have been discontinued:
Happy Alabaster Violet Round Czech Fire Polished Glass Bead - 4mm

Inspiration LevelBeginner

Approximate Finished Length3.5 inches

Free Instructions with Supply List

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leather cord is not all leather


Item #SM6149 Round Leather Cord is not 100% leather.
The leather is on the outside of a filing that I would say is some type of rounded paper.
I was not able to afix a crimp ending on the leather cord nor was I able to glue this leather cord into the cord end that came with the project materials.
I was able to PULL off the leather from the inside core.

This products should not be referred to as ROUND LEATHER CORD.

Fusion Beads Customer Support Update:
Thank you for your feedback, We are sorry you were disappointed with this product. The leather in the core is not dyed so it looks different than the outer edge which has been treated and colored. Please contact us at Customer Support and we will be happy to help you further with this issue. We are available by e-mail at

A cute design with some issues


I made two pairs of these; the originals, made exactly as described in the directions, are really REALLY long. I'll pass those on to my swan-necked sister-in-law. They're cute, though, so I persisted and made a second shorter pair with a smaller hand made earwire.
1) The glazes on the Happy Alabaster Czech glass beads are not permanent; they flaked off the beads when I tumbled dangles for a few minutes to polish the silver. The color came completely off ALL of the Happy Alabaster Lilac czech beads, most of the Happy Alabaster Yellow, and one each of the Happy Alabaster Light blue and the Happy Alabaster Green. Will never use again.
2) To get the leather into the cord end I had to pre-glue the leather ends together using hypocement, then trim to a point once they're dry. Added several hours to the assembly process.

Fusion Beads Customer Support Update.
Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear the coating came off your beads. We do not recommend using a tumbler if you have coated glass beads in your piece. A Brilliant Polishing Cloth will work fine to spot clean the silver without damaging your glass beads. If you need further assistance with your project please feel free to email us at!