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Some of your jewelry projects will need specialized glues and adhesives. Whether you're working with Swarovski cystals, paper, fabric or metal, we have adhesives for any purpose. Not sure which adhesive you'll need? Check out our adhesives chart for help with choosing the correct glue for your jewelry project!

7 Products

Hypo Tube Cement
Sold By: 1 piece
5 Minute Epoxy
Sold By: 1 piece
E6000 Adhesive 0.18 oz. Tube
Sold By: 1 piece
Super New Glue
Sold By: 3 gram bottle
Discontinued! Gem-Tac Permanent Adhesive
Sold By: 4 oz bottle
$17.69 $8.84
Glue by Nunn Design
Sold By: 2 oz. bottle