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Resin and Glaze

Create unique, personalized pendants and other jewelry components with resins and glazes. Try ICE Resin, a nontoxic, jeweler's grade product that stays transparent without yellowing or breaking down. We also carry a large selection of glazes that give different finishing effects for your jewelry projects, including matte, glossy and crackled. Don't forget metal sealers for your metalworking projects.

8 Products

ICE Resin- 8 ounces
Sold By: 1 set
ICE Resin Refill Kit- 16 ounces
Sold By: 1 set
Discontinued! Extra Mixing Cups & Sticks
Sold By: 5 sets
$2.95 $1.47
Extra Mixing Cups & Sticks
Sold By: 50 sets
Diamond Glaze
Sold By: 2 oz bottle





Vintaj Glaze
Sold By: 2oz. Bottle
Resin Kit by Nunn Design
Sold By: 1 piece