Tulip Beading Needles

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SKU: MM1523
$4.95 to $13.95


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SKU: MM1523

Product Material: Steel

Country of Origin: Japan

Sold By: 2 to 4 pieces

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Love these!


These needles are just the best and really worth the extra cost. They last longer, are easier to thread, and the slightly rounded tip doesn't split your thread. They really are superior to anything else I've used. Fusion Beads.....thanks for offering these wonderful needles!

Tulip beading needles are MUST HAVE!


These needles are amazing! They are so easy to thread even with 8-10 lb fireline! You must buy them make your life easy and they dont break easily

Worth every penny!


If you are wondering about trying these, don't! They last just about forever compared to english beading needles, and they are easy to thread!



There is something about these needles making them easier to thread than any needle I have ever used. I love them!

Great needles!


These needles outlast my other needles, they don't bend and become crazy looking very easily, and the eye of the needle doesn't stab my finger (it's smoother) like some of the other needles... the point isn't as pointy as other needles either so I don't split threads often.... very nice needles!

Won't use anything else!


These needles are the best! I use them for beading projects, loom work, and everything else. They are thin and strong, and are perfect for looming with size 15 beads. I have used one needle for multiple projects. I will only use Tulip needles.

Best needles


I used to use all different kinds of needles for my beading projects. Then I discovered Tulip Needles and now I use nothing else.

Silver coating peeling off


Have been using Tulip needles for a year or two. Just purchased 2 pkgs of #12 and 2 pkgs of #11.

Have used one from each pkg. Outer coating of silver is shedding off of both needles. There are little silver shavings on my mat and needle is very rough.

Have never had this problem before with these needles. Will probably not order them again if this is going to happen. Price is too high for this kind of quality.

Fusion Beads Customer Support:

Thank you for your feedback. Most beading needles will last over several projects but after awhile the needle will show wear and will need replacing. If you need help with this product please contact us at Customer Support and we will be happy to assist you further. We are available by e-mail at support@fusionbeads.com.